Sending business Christmas cards is a massive waste of your precious time and money. No one will see or remember your card.  Send a 2019 New Year card instead.

When all the other company’s Christmas cards are undergoing a mass extermination on the 2nd January 2019, your 2019 ‘Howdy‘ card will arrive and shine like a blazing beacon on a moonless dark night.

Why send a business communication to say ‘thank you’ at exactly the same time everyone else does? Your efforts will hardly be seen, let alone remembered.

If I’d sent you a Christmas card last year you wouldn’t even know.

Instead, buck the trend and stop being a sheep. Do the opposite of everyone else.

Don’t just send a reminder/thank you note disguised as a Christmas card because you’ve been conditioned to do so; hold off for a couple of weeks. Send it on the 28th/29th December, right before New Year’s Eve, and combine the exercise with an offer of doing business wrapped up in a helpful message.

Here’s a greeting card front cover [the blue one] I created for a sports therapist. A personal trainer or anyone from the fitness industry could use this or a variation of it. Inside the card I’d make the offer of a complimentary report on the 12 reasons why jogging can be bad for you.

Send a New Year card that opens the door for business.

Send a New Year card that opens the door for business.

This strategy works especially well if you can make your product relevant to New Year Resolutions.

Examples and ideas are:

  • A gym helping people to exercise properly
  • A vitamin/ supplement supplier helping people get the right nutrition for a healthy 2019
  • A business coach helping business owners set 2019 goals
  • A printer helping companies get their new improved marketing ready
  • A photographer helping businesses look refreshed and vibrant online for the New Year through new imagery

In fact, any business product or service can be linked into a new year resolution [because they’re usually improvements] if you’re creative enough with it.

See 20 card designs here.

Any B2C product can also be tied into New Year upgrades.


You can have any of these card designs on 100 A5 greeting cards for £110 + VAT. Click here for 20 designs.

You can see some suggestions on how this can be done in 16 example designs I’ve already made up here.

Choose from 3 sizes – 148mm square, A5 or DL.

100 personalised cards are only £110 + VAT which includes:

  1. design on inside/outside [choose here]
  2. print
  3. envelopes
  4. and delivery.

For another £25 + VAT you can receive a bespoke concept, design, image and words so your cards are 100% unique.  Just let me know by emailing me at and we’ll make it happen fast..

You need ANY excuse to make contact with clients and prospects – here’s an opportunity NOT to be missed.

Order now to ensure completion before Christmas. Email

Please don’t go down to Clinton’s a buy a box of 25 Christmas cards for £5. It’ll do you absolutely no favours whatsoever.

Chose a design right here and come across as helpful in January 2019.

Tim Coe

P.S. What other new business generation activity have you got planned to kick off the new year? The amount of marketing you engage in directly affects the strength of your bank account.

P.P.S. This is what the established card industry has to offer. Outdated, backward and devoid of inspiration.


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