Tim’s Perspective

“I believe I see marketing in a different way to most others. One must have something that separates you from the rest of The World. I call that an Utterly Seductive Proposal [USP].

Sure, marketing agencies do talk about the USP, but it’s never championed like it’s life or death. I really do see that owning, or not owing a USP, can have a life or death effect of your business.

Ask me about ANY area of business and I’ll justify precisely how the USP will not just improve that area, but make seismic steps forward for you.

The chart to the right shows one of my client’s typlical marketing journies and the percentage importance in your overall marketing mix…in my opinion.”


  • Utterly Seductive Proposal [your USP] 35%
  • Marketing Tools 15%
  • Sales Process 10%
  • Getting Attention 25%
  • Follow-Up 15%

Tim's Businesses

Since the age of 18 [1986] Tim Coe has worked exclusively on his own businesses; he’s never had a job working for anyone else. From plans to expand one existing business by launching an 80-van mobile car valeting franchise, [scuppered last minute due to a 3-month hospital visit for a broken back]  to importing Nissan vans from Dublin, Tim’s career has been fascinating.

He has started businesses in transport, music, automotive, sales, franchising, catering, development land, conveyancing, property tax and of course…unavoidably and unsurprising to him, marketing.

Who is Tim Coe?

Tim is straight-talking, authentic and honest guy trying to help others out with their business messaging. He runs his business from a High Street office in the Georgian seaside market town of Lymington on the edge of the New Forest. He’s lived there since the age of 11, apart from a 6-year spell in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

If you’re too far away to meet up face to face, he’ll suggest a Skype call as distance is no object when it comes to solving how to communicate your Utterly Seductive Proposal to your ideal target clients.

Away From Work - Tim's 100'ish Words

Below is a paragraph of people, places and things that get my attention. Do you agree with anything?


Lymington, New York, Cape Town, Como, Javea, South of France, Millfield School, Formula 1, Monza, Old Hockenheim, Arsenal, Thierry Henry, Technohull RIBs, Boats, Royal Lymington Yacht Club, Audi, Aston Martin, Sushi, Seafood, Roasts, Sloppy Giuseppe Pizza, Balsamic Pickled Onions, Custard Creams, Skyscrapers, Geography, Donkeys, Beavers, New Forest, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Drummer, Tuff-Trance, ex-Club DJ, Pioneer SL1200, Dance Music Producer, Brookman & Coe, Panzan, The Clash, Oasis, Noel Gallagher, The Stone Roses, Saint Etienne, The Prodigy, Julian Cope, Inspiral Carpets, Suede, The Darling Buds, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Spear of Destiny, Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Pop Will Eat Itself,  New Order, The Wonder Stuff, Jeff Lynn/ELO, Comedy, Pranks. Jimmy Carr, The Office, Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Alan Partridge, 24, BBC1’s Hustle, Breaking Bad, Suits, Mad Men, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Wall Street, Boiler Room, Aliens, Pacific Rim 3D, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, Layer Cake, Human Traffic, Spinal Tap, Rush, BNI Elmbridge 2004-2013 [Chapter Director 2007], BNI Lymington 2014–2015 [Chapter Director 2015], Grant Cardone, 10X , Anthony Robbins’ UPW Firewalk 1995, Adam Hempenstall

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