How many times have you heard that you must include a Call to Action in your marketing?


But don’t be so hasty. There are Calls to Action …and then there are also Calls to Action.


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Asking someone to call or email you can often be completely ridiculous!


You’re asking a person, who might never have heard of your company before, let alone have any sort of affiliation or relationship with you, to make direct contact.


It’s far too big a leap.


I don’t know about you, call me cynical, but if I raise my hand and say, “Hey, I’m interested,” I fear that I’ll be put under:


  1. Inevitable sales pressure
  2. Immediate sales pressure &
  3. Ongoing sales pressure.


…so I think I’ll stay quiet, safe and invisible.


A prospect like me will not respond ALL BECAUSE a CTA like that is self-obsessed and inconsiderate. The seller doesn’t see it the way a buyer does. It’s merely – Make direct contact – that’s your only option buddy.


But I’m not ready to make contact. I do not feel comfortable. I don’t know you. I certainly don’t like you yet. And as for trust? We’re miles away.


If I think this, your prospects must also think this. I can’t be the only one.

So what can you do to give your audience an alternative Call to Action?


How about something they can watch, view, read, listen to or engage in, IN PRIVATE i.e. they can do this without you knowing about it and jumping on them 5 seconds later. This means they can enjoy the luxury of space to build a relationship with you…but at an arms length and without you knowing. No one’s going to hassle them so they’re more likely to do it.


The ability for individuals to ‘find out more’ on their own terms is crucial to you maximising your response rates.


So instead of ‘Call us Now’ what can you do?




You need to communicate the benefits of responding. What will the user get out of completing the Call to Action?


A marketing piece offering help and giving a link to a slideshow, video, survey [with reward], audio, free book in the post or article is going to get more attention than someone wanting your money – guaranteed.


Stop going for the quick kill, and play the long-game.


Put yourself in the position of your buyers, if you haven’t already. Think of something you bought recently [not retail]. Can you recall how you arrived in the position of feeling ready to go ahead? It probably involved the seller giving before taking.


So try and become more creative with your Calls to Action. Don’t assume your intended market already love you when they probably don’t even know you even exist!


Learn to earn someone’s attention and time.


Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to email me your own experiences and thoughs to


Tim Coe

21st May 2017 (The day Arsenal finished 5th in the Premier League – the lowest for 21 years!)





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