1 – You’re extremely short of time

This means you don’t have any choice but to let someone else do it. You know it’s important to be visible but if it was down to you to post content, you never would.

2 – You don’t know what to say

This can be quite serious. Not having anything to say can underline your lack of creativity. But this is fine. Not everyone is creative. Creative people can be disorganised. But obviously, when it comes to social media it’s all about having an opinion, a perspective and offering help.

3 – You’ve no idea how to make things look good

Yes, it has to catch the eye. If it’s bland it’ll be invisible. Crap content makes your products look crap. The opposite is obviously also true. Video, group emails and even an image with headline post all need to look the part and convey your brilliance.

4 – You’re not good with words

All marketing is made up of words, whether they be spoken, written or typed, everything is made from words when it comes to promoting products.

5 – You don’t like social media

It helps to have some affinity with social media of course. If you don’t like social media does it mean you don’t like people? It is interacting with others and speaking out after all. Some don’t speak out though, they just like to sit in the corner and watch the others.

6 – You don’t like people

Hmm, what can I say about this? You fake it with clients? You act in meetings? Whatever you have been doing to this point, I salute you. Running a business when you don’t actually like other people is a serious challenge and each day must be very hard. Of course, it could actually have been the experiences of running a business than turned you against your fellow mankind in the first place!

7 – You don’t like computers or smart phones

I don’t know how to post on social media any other way.

8 – You’re not good at making decisions

The number of decisions you need to make to create a simple social media post [like the one that might have brought you here] can run high. The words, number of words, punctuation, grammar, font, font size, font colour, image selection, image filter, position of text on the image, size of logo, placement of logo on the image, your caption words [same as the above when it comes to words] hashtags, links, who to tag, when to post, where to post and how many times you can post it without over-exposing it.

9 – Your name is Jose Mourinho

You won’t have a good word to say about anyone and you’ll distance yourself from those who know you.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Coe 14.8.18

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