Follow-Up  – an unavoidable and mandatory set of steps you have to get through before most B2B transactions can occur.

You’ve probably seen the sales statistics, they get used a lot >>>

Why is it then, that we don’t follow-up like we should to maximise the opportunities we work so hard to create? How many people do you need to follow-up with right now? What excuses are you making?

If we know people are not comfortable enough to buy until maybe 8 points of contact have occurred, why do we make excuses and not do it?

2 reasons in my opinion:

  1. The common fear of rejection
  2. People don’t know how to follow-up.

Being told that your product isn’t required, or getting any form of ‘brush off’, doesn’t make you feel good. Neither does being faced with NOT knowing how to follow-up.

People do not follow-up for 3 reasons. They do not know:

  • WHAT to say [the words]
  • WHEN to say it [at what point do you make contact?] or
  • HOW to say it [what form of contact shall I use?]

What,how and when stop most people following-up. This is clearly a confidence problem.

So what happens instead? The excuses come out.

Here’s the TOP 3 REASONS NOT TO FOLLOW-UP EXCUSES I’ve encountered in my business career. You might find them perfect excuses for not taking action, but you’re simply talking yourself out of higher earnings.


This is an excuse manifested inside your head. Can you remember ever getting the feeling that a person who called you was desperate? I can’t and I’ve been in business since 1988. I used to get a lot of sales calls. None now as I stopped advertising in Yellow Pages [who still does?].

If you don’t follow-up it looks like you didn’t really mean what you said in the first place i.e. it looks like you don’t care about your prospect solving their problem and enjoying an easier life. Call them now, they won’t think you’re desperate. They’ve got more pressing things to worry about than your desperation level on a scale of 1-10.


Of course they’re busy! Everyone is busy. Isn’t that why you want to work with them in the first place…that they’re exciting, connected, on-track and out front? Everyone wants to work with them. No one successful has excess time on their hands to take sales calls.

Most of us are busy. You’re busy. Stop making excuses and just call them. They’re too busy to call you back, that’s for sure. They’ll probably be grateful you called them. It’s one less the thing they have to remember. You’re being helpful and making life easier for them already…and they haven’t even bought from you yet!


Who says it’s too soon [apart from your inner voice?]. The longer you leave it the less chance there is of a sale taking place. Texting 5 minutes after your meeting increases the chance of a sale by 50. How soon is that? The longer you leave it, the less chance you have of being remembered.

You also have less chance of the prospect remembering the excitement he felt at the positive anticipation of owning and using your product. You created this buzz and now you’re letting it fade away. You must keep it fresh. Stay in their minds. Don’t allow yourself to be forgotten. Stop manufacturing BS excuses and pick up the phone now.

Do they sound like perfect excuses now?

Finally, remember this –  it is not the prospect’s responsibility to see your email, text, voicemail or any other form of communication you use.

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Tim Coe [22.1.18]

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