If you’re difficult to buy from people simply won’t bother.

If you’re easy to buy from then I’d say you have either:

  • fallen on a lucky system or
  • you have spent time perfecting a process that makes for a smooth, effortless and maybe even a pleasurable buying experience

Stop and think for a moment – who is thriving in business today and why?

UBER – they have fine-tuned a method of you getting picked up precisely when you know they’re picking you up and then getting dropped off without having to fumble for cash or be embarrassed about tipping levels. If you haven’t used UBER yet, download the app and give it a go if it’s available in your area or when you visit a city. You won’t go back to standard cabs…unless you’re very strange!

So UBER have made it EASY for us to get from A-B. They have solved a number of problems for you:

  1. I don’t know a local taxi firm number
  2. I don’t know where I am [the address] to be picked up from
  3. I don’t know when they’ll arrive
  4. I don’t if they have arrived
  5. I don’t know what car is coming or the reg. number to spot it
  6. I don’t know the driver’s name
  7. I don’t know if this a ‘real’ taxi driver [UBER send you a photo]
  8. I don’t know whether to tip the driver

What are you doing to make it EASY for people to buy from YOU?

One of the best ways is actually to allow someone to feel what it’s like to be a client of yours BEFORE they actually pay anything and become a client of yours.

This is usually called a free trial, a sample or a test drive. It is also more powerful than a money back guarantee as the prospect doesn’t have to get out his plastic. You generally do not buy any software these days without a month’s free trial.

Another real life example

SPOTIFY made me an offer I couldn’t refuse a year ago. I’d been on their free plan for about a year and they offered me 3 months Premium for 99p. Not 99p a month, a full 3 months for 99p; I knew right there and then that when I agreed to it I’d never be able to go back to the free plan and those annoying adverts. I was right. I’ve been paying £9.99 ever since the 99p offer finished.

The moral is, they made it EASY for me to buy. Spotity showed me what I could really have without any downside…apart from investing 99p.

Making your products EASY to buy doesn’t just mean having a great introductory offer. It also means:

  1. Making yourself EASY to be seen with stand out marketing
  2. Making yourself EASILY contactable
  3. Making it EASY for people to understand where you deliver value
  4. Making it easy for people to decide to contact you and not being confusing
  5. Making it easy for people to try your product
  6. Making it easy for people to trust you
  7. Making it easy for people to remember you for when the problem you solve arises
  8. And so on……

When you next have a business decision to make, ask yourself, “Does this make it easier for people to buy from us?” It’s the perfect filter to run most business decisions through.

Thanks for reading.

Tim Coe

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