Make your firm a Cooky Monster

If it isn’t then something’s seriously wrong.

You hear some business owners say, “I don’t want any more clients right now. I just want to stay the same.” Trouble is, everyone loses clients at some point; it’s inevitable.

Unless you have some type of predictable sales process, method or system in place to acquiring new clients, your long-term trajectory is always going to be downwards.

We all need to feed our businesses

A company’s appetite for new challenges, put forward by new clients, is healthy, normal and keeps your business full of life.

Resting on your laurels is lazy, unambitious and dangerous. Running a business is no place for weak, unmotivated, passive and unindustrious types.

Everything starts with a conversation

So I’d suggest the takeaway from this short brain-dump is to check what you do each week to attract new business. It could be:

  • Having new conversations at networking events
  • Finding new people to speak to and help through social media by posting attention grabbing content
  • Asking existing clients for referrals
  • Sending out a low number of highly targeted direct mail pieces weekly
  • Or calling up 5 old clients and asking if there is anything you could be helping them with

The point is to be doing something…ANYTHING

If you do nothing you’re simply relying on luck or chance. And that is no way to survive in business.

No Sales Process = random chaos

The ideal scenario is a well thought through Sales Process that optimises each and every client facing touch point. By analysing and improving each of your steps, you maximise the possibilty of a potential buyer taking the next step and becoming a real buyer.

That takes time to put in place, but, in my opinion, pivotal and fundamental to deep-rooted survival in business.

You have no choice if you want to be in business in 5 years’ time

Either plan how to find new clients or struggle, panic and have a few sleepless nights from time to time.

As always, thank you for reading.

Tim Coe

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