You Probably Can't See The Wood For The Trees

HOW HOW HOW can any business owner can make informed decisions on their own about how to attract new clients? He or she has little, or no idea, how the business looks from the outside – and that’s the point.

This raises a vital business question: How can you decide what’s best when you’re looking OUT while the rest of the world is looking IN?


It takes time to think up marketing strategies and two minds are far better than one. If you’re currently bouncing ideas off your employees or spouse then think again…are they your Ideal Target Clients and experienced in attracting new business…what’s their agenda for your business?

And Furthermore Again

Have you considered you might make more progress by being accountable to someone? An experienced multi-business owner who is not afraid to challenge you on your decisions and offer fresh and exciting alternatives…ideas which are usually from the Ideal Target Client’s perspective. Your business is all about them, not you.


The Monthly Marketing Programme has been designed for business owners who:

  1. Are sick and tired of wasting time and not making enough progress
  2. Want more dynamic ways to stand out
  3. Are short of time to think about marketing ideas
  4. Want to grow their client base
  5. Feel it’s time The World knew about them
  6. Want to maximise their potential and feel content in having no regrets.

Weekly 1-Hour Meeting or Video Call

At the same time each week we’ll sit down and analyse what’s been happening in your business, what you want to happen and what actions we’re going to take to ensure it does happen. Additionally, receive enough enthusiasm and inspiration to keep you going for the following 7-days until it’s time to speak down again.

Receive 52 Marketing Plans a Year

Every call will be summarised and followed-up in an email/Marketing Plan. You’ll get the best ideas I can give you. I won’t hold anything back for later as experience has taught me that new ideas always come along. Weeks pass fast and you need to be accountable to someone to stop your best ideas drifting and never seeing the light of day. 

Unlimited Phone, Whatsapp & Email Support

You’re never alone between meetings, far from it. We’re on the same team and both want the same things for your company – growth and/or increased profits. Maybe it’s clients who see things you ways and are a pleasure to work with? You can email me, call me or message me whenever you want Monday – Friday [evenings too] when you need help, have questions, discuss new opportunities or want confirmation of your direction etc.


Why not arrange a discussion about you and your business to see how we might work together? I genuinely want the best for my clients and work very hard to develop and grow their businesses. My direct, but relaxed approach, doesn’t suit everyone and if I feel I’m not the person for you I’ll tell you so we don’t both waste our precious time and resources. It’s important to me that both my clients and myself ‘play to our strengths’ so everyone gets the best value. Finally, I don't work with people who don’t like Oasis!

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