Your Ideal Target Client is not male or female. He or she does not necessarily have a business located in your town, drive a black Audi A6 or have 5-10 staff either.

He or she is a person – and that person is precisely who you’re going to have to work with. You do not build a relationship and collaborate with a ‘description of a business’.

One of your very first jobs in marketing is to understand who will pay you the most for your services.

What type of person is most suited to working with YOU?

Additionally, what type of person are you looking to work with? Here is an example for you. This is a list I made of personality traits of my Ideal Target Client (ITC).


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As you can quite clearly see, it’s all about THE TYPE OF PERSON.

Now let’s turn this around…

Who is my Ideal Target Client looking to work with?

If they’ve thought about it, your ITC will also have their own list of ideal supplier personality traits. So do you match up? Can you predict what they are looking for and what they’ll write on their own list?

  • You have a list.
  • They have a list.
  • What cross-matches?

I don’t even know if that cross-match is important at this stage. What I do know is that you must aim to work with the right type of people [especially in business consulting services] or your client could frustrate the hell out of you and a business divorce is inevitable.

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Tim Coe

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