When it comes to describing your product, in order to make someone want it, we have a virtually limitless choice of words, turn of phrase and persuasive [or not] languaging.

So where do you start?

Well, you’d do extremely well to avoid the temptation of using any of these 9 atrocious and amateurish pitfalls listed below in the coloured images.

None of these take any effort of thought to write and are inconsiderate to the intended recipient. Why? Because they don’t add value.

Think about it, how does saying you’re the best help anyone? It isn’t even believable for a start.

Click on ANY image to open the gallery…

…and get another perspective on what you, or your rivals, might be saying right now.

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P.S. Since writing this I made a video with Fergus McClellend who very kindly provided me with a expert voice-over of the 9-steps.

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