Extract from the Serious Business Bulletin – for the meeting on 5th October 2017


Tim Coe how to get more sales enquiries for little or no investment

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Serious Business Networking Group Found Sylvia Denham

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Here the group founder, Sylvia Denham, summarises Tim Coe’s talk from the 21st September 2017.

Twenty Minute Presentation
Tim Coe gave us a very informative presentation, entitled, How to Get More Sales Enquiries for Little or No Marketing Investment.

Tim talked about the importance of following up prospects, a number of times, after an initial contact. Tim outlined that there are many options in how you follow up. These options are not at all costly as you can probably use your existing marketing tools.

This type of following up is called ‘touch points’. It is all about staying in touch, building trust and familiarity with someone.

Some important figures Tim gave:

  • 80% of sales are made from the 5th – 12th contact
  • 48% of sales people never even follow-up once.

He highlighted out that if you follow-up, you will stand out as helpful and will be the person people think about when they need your product or service.

Tim gave us 32 marketing tools we can use to stay in touch, without being a pest. He also outlined one process he has used.

32 marketing tools you can use to get the attention of your prosepcts

It was a great realisation that if we simply used the marketing tools we already have, and sequence them at pre-defined intervals, our sales enquiries, conversions and income can easily grow.

Tim presented us with a helpful worksheet named the ‘7-Step Sales Process DIY Form’, which we can use to outline what we can do in our own business.Access and download it here.

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